MarchLife is currently being constructed on surplus land of the former March Air Force Base (March AFB) – converted from an active duty base to March Air Reserve Base (March ARB) in 1996. March ARB is one of the oldest airfields operated by the United States military (since 1918), and boasts the longest runway in California.

The 452nd Air Mobility Wing represents the only unit-equipped mobility wing in the Reserve. The Wing’s KC-135 Stratotankers and C-141 Starlifters enable it to effectively perform a worldwide mission 365 days a year. It is the only air mobility wing in the Air Force Reserve Command that possesses all of the elements of an air mobility wing. The 163d Air Refueling Wing (ANG) is a tenant unit at March Air Reserve Base assigned to the Air Mobility Command and the California Air National Guard.

The 4th Air Force, part of Air Force Reserve Command, is headquartered at March ARB. Air Force Reserve Command provides trained units and individuals to accomplish assigned tasks in support of national objectives, and performs peacetime missions that are compatible with training and mobilization readiness requirements. It also provides functional mission support units, including aerial port operations, civil engineer, security forces, intelligence, military training, communications, mobility support, combat logistics support, transportation and services.