The MarchLife campus is set to be one of the finest, most advanced and forward thinking health care communities in the world.  As a place for leading-edge medical research and treatment, MarchLife is re-imagining a former Air Force base while promising area residents unrivalled care close to home.


March Air Force Base was realigned under the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission [BRAC] in 1996. Of the original 6,700 acres, the Air Force Reserves will retain 2,258 acres, while making available the remainder for development – allowing for an incredible holistic master planning opportunity. [learn more]


As the cornerstone of the MarchLife Campus, the Inpatient Hospital will serve the ever-growing needs of local, regional, as well as national communities. The hospital is comprised of three patient bed towers constructed in multiple phases and will offer patients, the public, and staff a community of wellness and healing.


Riverside County, California, United States was founded in the 1893. It is the most populous city in the Inland Empire as well as Riverside County, and located approximately 60 miles (97 km) east of Los Angeles. It is also part of the Greater Los Angeles area. Riverside is the 59th most populous city in the United States and 12th most populous city in California.  [learn more]


MarchLife is currently being constructed on surplus land of the former March Air Force Base (March AFB) – converted from an active duty base to March Air Reserve Base (March ARB) in 1996. March ARB is one of the oldest airfields operated by the United States military (since 1918), and boasts the longest runway in California.  [learn more]


Transformative design for the healthcare sector requires an emphasis on sustainability and recognition of the relationship between medical services, environment, and diseases. Visionary thinking, connecting sustainability to health, and pollution prevention are critical components of the future of the healthcare industry.  [learn more]